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Tarla Fallgatter trained at Le Cordon Bleu and La Varenne in Paris, France, and Ecole Lenotre in Plaisir, France.  She has studied with Jacques Pepin, Madeleine Lamman, and Jane Butel (at her first cooking school in New Mexico), and has been teaching cooking classes for more than 25 years.

Easter Island
Chef Tarla caters parties for up to 250 guests including weddings at Sherman Gardens, pre-theatre parties at the South Coast Repertory Theatre, parties for the Irvine Garclay Theatre, as well as private parties for 8-10 guests.  She also works as a private chef, preparing custom meals in the homes of her clients.

Chef Tarla is an accomplished food writer with articles published in Bon Appetit Magazine and she served as the Food Editor of WWWiz, a magazine that concentrated on the happenings on the world wide web.  Many of her articles are available online through a quick search, or you can read her writings by going to www.wwwiz.com.

Tarla is also the inventer of the copper "Tarla Pin" rolling pin, which is only available by direct purchase.

When not in the kitchen, Tarla travels the world in search of new tastes and experiences.  She's been to over 65 countries (and counting) with favorite stops in France, Italy, Japan, Mongolia, China, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Peru, and even Antartica!  Chef Tarla travels as often as possible to keep up with the latest food trends and to gather new Culinary Inspirations to share with her clients.

Tarla has two children that she loves dearly.... and loves to cook for them.  She lives in Irvine, California with her two cats...  that wish she cooked for them.

Contact Tarla at Tarla@TarlaCuisine.com or by calling (949) 854-9490.

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  1. Hi Tarla, I took classes from you in the late 1980's in Manhattan Beach. I actually scheduled my wedding date around your classes. You were very kind to me and arranged for me to take classes from you in Orange County. I have treasured every recipe you used in your classes and am so thrilled to have found your blog. You look so happy and it is heartwarming to know that your adventures continue! With warm wishes for every happiness, Madeleine Carteron