Cooking Classes

Chef Tarla has taught cooking classes for over 25 years with topics stemming from her training at Le Cordon Bleu and La Varenne cooking schools in Paris.  She blends her passion for food and learning in every class while she shares her creative ideas gained from traveling the world.

Cooking classes are a unique way to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary, a birthday, or a shower with friends or family.  They are also the perfect gift for a teenager about to head off to college as Chef Tarla can teach the basics that every new cook should know.  If you're already an experienced cook, classes are an excellent way to learn new recipes and techniques while connecting often with friends.

Cooking Class Format:

Gather up a group of your friends, pick a day each moth that works for everyone, and choose a permanent "home" kitchen or kitchens where the classes can be held.

Example Schedule:

9:15am                 Tarla arrives with groceries and recipes
9:30am                 Students arrive to chat
10:00am               Cooking Class begins.  Tarla distributes recipes and prepares dishes for everyone to taste.
12:30-1:00pm      Class ends

Cooking classes are customized to each groups needs. 
Prices are based on class size and are available upon request.

Contact Chef Tarla today to schedule your personalized cooking class at or by calling (949) 854-9490.


  1. I have been attending Tarla's monthly Cooking Classes since the early 90's (except during the summer time when the children are home from school and life gets too busy). I go out of my way to try to never miss a one of them!

    Each class is an exciting and new experience. Tarla does an excellent job of adapting the classes to the needs and wants of the individual members. She goes to great length to share with us her tips and experiences as a Master Chef. She always shares how we can incorporate a few new ingredients and come up with a different variety for family and guests. Yummy!

    Her recipes are as wonderful as Tarla is herself! personally.


    I love your web site and I will be checking back often!

  2. hi Tarla!!! in my blog post today i mentioned you... oh what fond memories i have of the classes i took from you!! i love that i still make many of the delicious meals you taught way back then!!! thanks for so much inspiration and motivation that has lasted 15+ years!!! remember when i brought my 2 week old Isabella to class?? she will be 16 in a couple of months!! so many precious friendships were formed from those classes:)
    here is a link to the blog...
    hope you are well!!

  3. I have been lucky to witness a lot of Tarla's cooking classes, back when I ran the Ma Cuisine cooking school in Newport Beach... remember that?? Tarla is a super professional and creative cook. I learned a lot from her, and know you will, too!
    Pamela Sheldon Johns
    Montepulciano, Italy

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