Personal Chef

After a long day at work, imagine coming home and having a healthy, home-cooked dinner ready for you and your family.  The're no racing to the grocery store, no messy kitchen to clean with Chef Tarla's personal chef services.  Instead, sit down to a delicious meal prepared to your liking.

Many dual-career couples, new parents, and hard working professionals are discovering how Tarla's personal chef services enable them to spend more time doing what they love most - like spending and relaxing evening with family and friends - without the worries of cooking all in the comfort of their home.  Contact Chef Tarla today to book your special evening!

Tarla has worked as a personal chef for families throughout her cooking career.  As a testament to how great her meals are, she cooked for the same family of 6 for over six years.  Tarla now works as the personal chef for two separate families, each with a variety of tastes and culinary desires.  

Chef Tarla developed a broad knowledge of cuisine through her extensive travels which is highlighted by her creative sense of style in all her meals.  Whether you're looking for a simple or elaborate dining experience, Tarla has something for you.  She delights in preparing custom meals full of flavor and life according to your preferences. 

Contact Tarla at or by calling (949) 854-9490

What is a Personal Chef?
  • Your personal chef, Tarla, will cook for you on a daily or weekly basis according to your schedule.  She will come into your home and prepare dinner for you and your family with custom meals designed around your  preferences for simple family dinners, vegetarian dishes, healthy fare, and delectable ethnic cuisine.
Why a Personal Chef?
  • A personal chef allows a single parent to sit down to dinner with hes/her children and enjoy a home cooked family meal.
  • A personal chef allows a working couple with no time to cook to eat a hot, healthy meal in the comforts of their home.
  • A personal chef can take the stress out of preparing meals when you have guests from out of town, enabling you to sit back and relax.
  • A personal chef  will provide you with a unique home dining experience that is perfect for celebrations like anniversaries or birthdays.


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