Monday, September 2, 2013

Butterscotch Pudding
1/2C sugar
2 – 3 Tbsp. water

1/2C cream
1-1/2C whole milk
2 yolks
1 egg
1/4C cornstarch
½ tsp. vanilla

1/2C cream beaten with sugar and vanilla to taste

Bring sugar and water to a boil in small pan without stirring and boil until caramelized.  Remove the pan from the heat and allow the sugar to cool slightly.  Meanwhile heat the cream and milk.  Add the cream/milk mixture to the caramel and cook on slow heat, whisking until the caramel has dissolved.

Whisk the yolks, egg and cornstarch together in a bowl.  Add half of the cream/milk mixture to the yolk mixture, whisking to combine.  Return the mixture to the pan with the remaining cream/milk mixture and heat until thickened, stirring constantly.  Pour the pudding mixture through a sieve and let cool slightly.  Add the vanilla and divide among 4 to 6 small ramekins.  Press a piece of plastic wrap onto each ramekin to prevent to puddings from forming a crust and chill 1 – 2 hours.  Serve with whipped cream

MAKES:  4 – 6 servings

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